Travel to Mecklenburg

The MFP tries to collect information which may help you on your way to Mecklenburg. We will present travel reports, experiences, ... .

General Tips

On Sat, 27 Jan 2001 posted to the mailing list: You might consider joining the GEN-TRAVEL-EUROPE list by sending a message to
Members of this list are interested in traveling to Europe to do genealogy research and visit the homes of their ancestors.
Many airlines have e-saver fares and will notify you about their discount rates via email. Last summer (during peak travel time) I traveled to Germany for less than $400 roundtrip. US Airway recently offered a round trip fare with rates from about $200 from cities in eastern United States to about $400 from cities in western U.S. for travel in February to Frankfort, Germany or to Paris, France. If you are flexible in your travel times and have a current passport you might be able to find a great fare.

Travel Reports

The travel to the Mecklenburg, the country of our ancestors, is an amazing, exciting trip. Several visitors wrote small reports about their trip. Some of the reports will be presented below. We want to thank all of the authors, who agreed to publish their report on the MFPeV homepage.

  • A very comprehensive report about a trip in September 1997 to Mecklenburg wrote Carol Goshman Bowen on her Mecklenburg website.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Hamburg, Badegow, Bülow, Müggenburg, Schwerin, Boizenburg, Gresse, Lüttenmark, Crivitz, Wessin, Demen.

  • Another outstanding report: Dreams Do Come True was given by Dorothy Miller. At the age of 87 she went in fall 2001 to Mecklenburg. And her trip was full of successfull genealogical events.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Berlin, Schwerin, Hamburg, Rostock, Mestlin, Dobbertin, Mirow, Röbel, Cramonshagen, Jördenstorf, Gerdshagen, Volkenshagen, Himbergen.

  • Already in the year 1979 Daryl Wunrow traveled to the village of his ancestor. He provided his report "Gross Niendorf - a village in Mecklenburg" as pdf-file, i. e. you will need the Acrobat Reader to read the excellent desription of his trip.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Hamburg, Schwerin, Crivitz, Parchim, Groß Niendorf.

  • Another report (June 2000) is presented from Mary-Jo Allen on the Mecklenburg-L mailing list.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Bamberg, Neustrelitz, Starsow, Groß Quassow, Klein Trebbow, Mirow, Lübeck, Hamburg, Schaddingsdorf, Groß Rünz, Demern, Ratzeburg, Schwerin.

  • In May 2000 Bill Seaman and his wife visited Mecklenburg. Read his short report.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Koblenz, Neustrelitz, Malchin, Dargun, Jordenstorf, Wasdow, Demmin, Wesselstorf, Zarnewanz, Dresden, Meissen, Seiffen, Heidelberg.

  • In 1996 Shirley Milligan visited Mecklenburg, here is her travel report (read also her "money tips").
    Locations mentioned in the report: Celle, Lübtheen, Schwerin, Neu Strelitz.

  • Dr. Theron Odlaug from Bannockburn , Illinois, visited in October 1998 Mecklenburg. In his book on the Odlaug Family History in the chapter The ancestors and descendants of Johann and Anna Marie Bohnsack he reports about the trip.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Wismar, Güstrow, Kägsdorf, Rerik (Alt Gaarz), Steffenshagen, Vorderbollhagen, Bad Doberan, Althof, Retschow, Güstrow, Parkentin.

  • At Christine Lippert Fung wrote about her trip to Mecklenburg in May 2000.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Regensburg, Weiden, Hof, Wittstock, Parchim, Klein Niendorf, Groß Pankow, Redlin, Kuppentin, Techentin, Zarchlin, Neu Poserin, Klein Wangelin, Hof Hagen, Rostock, Warnemünde, Steffenshagen, Hansdorf, Heiligenhagen, Gustavel, Lebbin.

  • In October 2000 Bruce Lammers visisted Bavaria, Ostfriesland and Mecklenburg. Here you can read Bruce Lammers Report.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Ansbach, Kammerstein, Esens (Ostfriesland), Güstrow, Baumgarten, Moisall, Klein Sien, Gotthun, Augsburg.

  • In September 2000 Leonie Oliver from Australia visited the villages of their ancestors in Mecklenburg. Here is the report.
    Locations mentioned in the report: Hamburg, Rostock, Sanitz, Klein Lusewitz.